About us 

We provide proven experience, risk capital, an extensive network of contacts, and uncommon market insights and support to our business partners.



Carpe Diem Capital, LLC is a strategic advisor on private equity investments. 

Carpe Diem Capital's primary partners are U. S. single family offices with significant assets under management.

Leveraging 30 years of business experience and relationships in Ireland and Israel, Mr. Paul Kane formed Carpe Diem Capital to assist family offices in identifying, evaluating on placing investments.

Carpe Diem Capital and its partners leverage their own capital, international expertise and relationships to provide a mature approach to private equity investing. Our approach is personal and direct, and we encourage sound risk-taking. We are forthcoming in our dealings and expect the same in return from our business partners.

The firm seeks to invest $7 to $10 million of equity capital in established, profitable companies whose operations are primarily based in Ireland or Israel.

Carpe Diem Capital's flexible and open-minded approach to investing means that we will consider opportunities in most industry sectors under a wide variety of shareholder structures.

We move prudently but quickly in evaluating opportunities and choosing whether to pursue a transaction and relationship, or disengage.


Our investment decisions are based primarily on our assessment of a management team's ability to execute. We seek to back talented and motivated management teams and actively help them to seize market opportunities.

Ultimately, we work to achieve the twin goals of creating significant returns for our investors, and building sustainable growth businesses with loyal and satisfied customers, staff and management.