Mr. Kane serves as the principal of Carpe Diem Capital, a strategic advisor on business operations and private equity investments.

He has conducted business in the U.S., Ireland and Europe, the Middle East and Israel, over 30 years; acquiring a strong network of contacts, a deep knowledge of business and a demonstrated knack for foreseeing latent market opportunities.

Prior to forming Carpe Diem Capital, Mr. Kane was the founder and managing partner of AV LLC, a venture capital firm investing in Irish companies with U.S. capital, at the onset of the "Celtic Tiger".  Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader and Northern Ireland peace broker, Senator George Mitchell, and iconic Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Mr. William Walsh, were AV board members.

Previously, Mr. Kane founded and operated CDR, a marketing and business consultancy. CDR guided its small client firms beyond the typical growth stall points; improving their staffing and operations, enhancing competitiveness and sales results, so as to achieve rapid triple-digit revenue growth and attract equity investment.

Mr. Kane began his career at IBM in real estate finance and investment, and later marketing. He headed marketing and operations for IBM's trans-Atlantic sales program into Europe, more than tripling profits, vastly improving customer satisfaction, achieving a four-fold revenue increase over two years. He has extensive experience as a business operator and driver of global sales growth.

He held a faculty appointment at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School as a fellow of its International Security Program. One commentator described Mr. Kane as possessing "an abundance of strategic common sense". Sequoia founder Bill Walsh once introduced him as "an astute businessman, direct in communication, creative in execution, all informed by carefully listening to people more expert, and with an overriding market-focus."

While at Harvard he was a senior advisor on the likely risk-return scenarios underlying major investments by private investors, and clients that included the Ford Foundation, Emir of Kuwait, Booz Allen Hamilton, Jepsen Center for Counterterrorism, Department of Defense, Boeing Corporation, National Veterans of Foreign Wars, U.S. Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned, In-Q-Tel, Harvard University's Middle East Initiative, and the United Nations.

His writings have appeared in the New York TimesIrish Times, Foreign PolicyMcClatchy Newspapers and Financial Times. He is a frequent guest of the BBC, Sirius XM and Bloomberg News offering comment on business, current affairs and national security. Mr. Kane is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Ireland.

A reserve U. S. Marine, and 2003 veteran of the Iraq war, he was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism. He is the two-time past President of the Parish Council of Holy Trinity Catholic Church and School in Washington, D.C.

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